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Hold That Hug contribution update

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Later this week I’m mailing a check to POYi for $2,786.77 — the profits thus far from Hold That Hug photo sales.  In addition, three people contributed directly to POYi in payment for their photos, for an additional total of $225.  So, thus far, $3,011.77 raised from 76 orders.

That order number represents about half the number of families participating, so hopefully another $3,000 or so still to come.

I wish donations could have been given directly to POYi by those ordering, instead of being funneled through my bank account, but will continue to provide updates as I can for transparency and because I know there are people interested.

Once again, thanks to all involved for their efforts on the event, which continues to be a fine tribute to the organizers and to Sarah.

Written by Jason Becking

November 11th, 2008 at 12:45 pm

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