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July July July July Sucks

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Not really, but it’s a weird month.  Especially odd since I’m saying it sucks, but I’ve had a few times that were a ton of fun.  My sister and her family were in from Switzerland for an extended stay — it’s always great to see them, even as brief as it was for us this time.  We see their kids in two-year intervals, so kind of growing up via time lapse.

I mixed in a trip to STL where I caught two Cardinals games with Kendel… not caught, as in I was the catcher, my rag arm doesn’t compare to Yadi’s.  But now that I think about it the seats were almost as good as his.  Had a chance to see friends from St. Louis one of those nights also, which was fun.  Plus heard about Ankiel’s naked sushi birthday party, so how can I say July sucks?

Guess, all in all, I’m not being fair to July.  Except for the absence of Mizzou sports, it doesn’t really suck more than any other month.  I’m just still wearing my denial sticker of grief pretty prominently, which is mostly what sucks.  Not willing nor ready for this to be how things are, which I’ve said often enough in this space that I’m sick of reading it.  And in still mostly selfish ways of why in the world do I have to worry about XX every day.  It’s stupid, but reality.

Jack has taken to telling me great lengthy stories about whatever happened whenever ago, commonly starting with “Remember a long long long long time ago when mommy was still died?”  It’s an awful way to start a story.  The one time I asked him if he could tell me a story about when mommy was around, he said he didn’t remember any.  Which was another awful story.

Recently, though, he told me he dreamed about mommy the previous night.  When I asked him to tell me about it, he said he didn’t remember much but did remember the dream about the spiders that were crawling all over him, complete with hand motions of spiders crawling everywhere and “swoosh swoosh swoosh” sound effects.  So, he’s successfully stopped me from asking about dreams for a while.

Adelaide is going to have her ears pierced soon, I think.  Plus a girl trip to STL for some shopping coming up.  Her hip, arm, hand, and sass were all shaking last night while telling a story.  She’s clearly six-and-a-half going on 17.

August approaches soon and brings in a bunch of friends for their 20th high school reunion.  I’m looking forward to seeing them and their children very much.

In football news…. PLEASE HURRY UP FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!  The Tigers are picked as low as 5th in the North by some publications, which I think is awesome.  In fact, I know a good place to have those predictions blown up very large for prominent placement in lockers, weight rooms, etc.  Naturally, I’m more optimistic.  Not saying 14-0 optimistic, but 12-2 seems approachable to me.  That’s right.

on a side note, screw ku.

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July 29th, 2009 at 3:51 pm

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