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Chalkbot Pic, Jargon Filled Post

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Huh? You’re Saying.

I watch the Tour de France every year, the race amazes me.  It’s the reason we have all those high channels on our TV, which now mostly give us Disney XD and other junk.   If you’ve ever watched, you notice the randomness written on the routes in chalk or whatever each stage.

This year, Livestrong and Nike teamed up to make a “Chalkbot“.  You could tweet (use twitter) your message to them, they’d write as many as they could on the course.  Today I received the photo below of the message I’d sent them during the race.  (actually a DM on twitter pointing to a twitpic, just to add some more jargon)

The message was printed here, according to the GPS info anyway.

SEMB Sill Loved message in 2009 Tour de France, by the Chalkbot

SEMB Still Loved message in 2009 Tour de France, by the Chalkbot

Written by Jason Becking

August 14th, 2009 at 11:35 am

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  1. […] As I did last year, used wonders of modern technology to ask a machine to paint a message on a road in France during a stage of the Tour de France.  Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong foundation and Nike team up to pull it off. […]

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