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Pre-Reunion Fall Reflections

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Adelaide turns 7 tomorrow… I ate lunch with her in the school cafeteria today, something she wishes I’d do pretty much every day but I very rarely do, then we had cupcakes in her room. Our next door neighbor made the cupcakes (Thank you!), which was great as Adelaide told me over lunch she wouldn’t eat any cupcakes I made — “I’d be like waaaay scared.” (Wonder why I don’t go to lunch with her more?) Also had an excellent birthday party on Sunday, pictures of which have already been posted.

No doubt about it, she’s growing up. I was amazed at how big all the kids were at the party, not physically but in the way they acted. Just hung out and chatted at the beginning waiting for all the guests to arrive. At gift time, everyone sat around her calmly while she opened the gifts. Good manners and good kids all around.

One of Sarah’s friends from high school is visiting this weekend. She comes in fairly regularly for meetings and regularly stays with us. But had regularly stayed with us to visit with Sarah. Just a reminder that there are more reminders all the time and will be forever. A good thing.

Sarah’s grave stone is closer to being installed. The company from Memphis is working with someone locally to do the foundation work, then they’ll come up and install. Will likely be a few weeks yet, but relatively soon. It will be weird to look out and see it, I think. I’ve become used to seeing the various flowers that friends and family have left on the ground and in flower pots, will be weird to see something permanent.

Tomorrow we’re headed to Malden (Go Green Wave) for the weekend. We’ll have a small birthday party there tomorrow night, then I have my 20-year high school reunion on Saturday night. Must say, I have mixed feelings about the reunion, which is probably normal. Part of it is I have a slight fear, which facebook seems to have enhanced, that I won’t know a surprising number of people from our class. At our 10-year reunion I was talking to someone I knew that I simply couldn’t place, which was awful. He reminded very much of someone I’d come to know a little bit up here, including the same first name and similar looks, so I was mostly confused at how I’d never known the guy from up here went to my high school. Spent the conversation trying to figure that out, when it was two entirely different people and I’d just had craziness in my head, but the dude had no way of knowing that.

Anyway, with the explosion of us old people on facebook, I’ve become even more aware that I’m likely to run into people on Saturday that I don’t remember…. fun times.

Sarah & I had just been married a few months at my 10-year reunion. I was informed later that I’d introduced her all night as “my new wife,” which evidently had resulted in her getting strange looks and people wondering who my first wife was. I’ll miss having her to save me from my awkward I don’t remember who you are stuff by introducing herself first. I’m also not looking forward to explaining what happened and the sad-face looks and awkward forced conversational transitions that happen.

I am looking forward to seeing people, though, and realize a good time will be had. Small-town USA, I’ve probably been to 5-6 class reunions in Malden over the years besides my own. Plus three Rock Bridge High School reunions over the years, none of which were mine either.

In other news, even the beaker football (basketball) team hates the beaker basketball (football) team. screw ku.

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September 24th, 2009 at 4:59 pm

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