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Birthdays and Blogging

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Adelaide’s birthday party weekend went well.  She had a small party with three friends (and Jack) on Friday afternoon.  Although acting cool with that idea, evidently she had some concern that a small party would also mean minimal presents.  Fortunately, she also received gifts Saturday at the tailgate and then again Sunday at the separate party for family.  In all, she made out like a bandit.  A strange bandit, probably wearing pink, that really liked American Girl, but still, a bandit.  Pictures of it all are here.

One of her gifts was an iPod touch, which through the wonders of modern technology also allows her to send/receive e-mails and text messages (and evidently making phone calls too, soon).  A big hit.  I was a little worried that it would make her a zombie, watching videos and playing games all the time, but the texting aspect thus far has been educational.  She’s been going like crazy, relatively speaking, but needs help spelling the words, etc.  It’s been all good.  The texting is free (to us) but has a crazy number, so if you happen to get a random text from area code 515, it’s probably her.  I’m not giving out her email address wildly, but you’re probably able to guess it if you try hard.

In other news, I’ll be blogging semi-regularly on the Columbia Daily Tribune website starting soon.  They’re starting a section called “Family Life” and I’ll be filling the role of single dad.  It’s a classic case of not what you know, but who you know and what they can ask you to do for free.  With the minimal guidance I’ve received (read: slightly more than none), my early expectations are for it to be strikingly similar to some of what I’d typically post here.

I’ve felt rather odd about the whole thing, since being asked to do it, to the point of pretending like I might say no.  It’s one thing to post my random spewings here, where generally only people that know me might read.  It seems different to write for an official audience of some sort.  The Columbia Daily Tribune masthead is intimidating, don’t you know.

Also, I have a strange guilty sensation.  I know people that are paid by the Tribune to write.  By and large, they’re excellent writers.   I don’t want to pretend to be them, or have my virtual reputation enhanced by associating with them.  Or more importantly, I don’t want my real reputation to cause them difficulties.  Beyond all that, knowing the state of the newspaper industry, I wonder if they shouldn’t just give those guys a raise rather than investing any resources in showing me how to post a blog on their website?

I guess I can rest easy with the knowledge that it wasn’t that big of a deal, probably took 5 minutes total to show me, they’d likely be insulted with that trivial raise anyway.  But that doesn’t mean I’m staying in the hotels they make those guys stay in on football road trips.

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September 30th, 2010 at 2:58 pm

Tailgating (for Football)

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This Saturday the Tigers (of Missouri) take on the mighty RedHawks (formerly Redskins) from Miami (of Ohio).  Game time is at 1:00 p.m., we’ll be at the tailgate by 10:00.  Ribs from SE Missouri (of the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten) have made the trip, if anyone is interested in bringing a side dish, am sure that will be eaten as well.

Beyond moving to 4-0 on the season, Saturday is also Adelaide (of Columbia)’s birthday.  She’ll be 8, and we’ll have birthday cake (of HyVee) and ice cream (of Central Dairy) at the tailgate for that.  This afternoon she and three friends are having a tie dye party, making shirts and whatnot.

I tried to look up some stuff about Miami (of Ohio) to make fun of, but quickly found out that I didn’t care too much.  Hey, they’re in Ohio! pretty much seems to be what you need to know.  The parenthetical will be the stuff of making fun this week.   They do have some Columbia connections.  Defensive coordinator is Carl Reese, a 1966 Mizzou grad and former Mizzou coach (1966, 1977-81).  And #64 Josh Harvey (of Hickman HS) is an offensive lineman for them.  And it’s been scientifically proven that anyone who wears #64 is a super genius funny guy.

They also make a big point of being the “Cradle of Coaches”.  Of course in that category they list their Synchronized Skating coaching connections as proof, among other things, so let’s not get carried away with those stories.

Go Tigers, happy birthday to AEB, see you at the tailgate.

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September 24th, 2010 at 9:36 am


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Our beloved Tigers play once again this Saturday at 6:00, hosting the San Diego State University Aztecs.  We’ll be tailgating no later than 2:00 with various folks bringing various sides.  Mike & Sarah Messer are bringing the meat and the heat for the meat, buy your home through Flat Branch and insure your junk through Mike Messer Shelter Insurance.  Well, maybe your stuff isn’t junk.  Anyway.

San Diego State has a statistically outstanding offensive team, throwing for a bunch of yards, lots of passes down field, and a couple of good running backs.  Their coach is Brady Hoke, which is a miserable name.  Defensive coordinator is Rocky Long, a much better name, and formerly head coach at New Mexico.  Both have faced the Tigers previously so should be well versed in our offensive razzle dazzle.  Blah blah blah.

In a weird but fortuitous coincidence, though, “Aldon Smith” happens to be the Aztec phrase for “we will tackle your guys in the backfield and injure their spirit.”  Even stranger, “Carl Gettis” is evidently Aztec slang for “smallpox”, which wiped out their population like he will their down field passes.

With that kind of linguistic luck going for us, along with the actual small pox infested towels we’ll put in their locker room, victory is assured.  48-17 is my prediction.  See you at the tailgate in the land of the tall flagpoles.

As an aside, razzle dazzle makes me think of Stripes.  Which makes me laugh.  That’s the fact, Jack.  on a side note, screw ku.

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September 17th, 2010 at 10:17 am

Football, McNeazy Style

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Happy September, Tiger Fans!  Tomorrow the good guys hit Faurot Field to host the Cowboys from McNeese State.  McNeese is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where clearly nothing good originates  (sorry to friends from the Chuck, Sarah & I got engaged there, etc.).

As has become standard, we will be tailgating in Lot D again this year.  The first tailgate will again be catered by Hoss’s Market, food arriving by 3:30.   Food, beverage, and much of the tailgate crowd provided by Miller’s, Mpix.com for all your photo lab wants and desires.

Someone on the playground at school asked who we’re playing, “McNeazy State?”.  Of course someone at the playground was also dropping f-bombs while yelling at their kid, who evidently is named Toby Keith.  McNeese is a 1-AA school, but as our smelly neighbors to the west proved last weekend, you can’t take a 1-AA school too lightly.

The following links are provided purely for educational value, so all are reminded not to overlook a 1-AA school.  And in case you need to learn how to clap.

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September 10th, 2010 at 11:05 am

Don’t Stop Believin’

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Bedtime routine is for the kids to go to their shared room, they alternate nights picking out a movie, then both climb into Jack’s bed and watch the show.  Somewhere along the way I normally get invited to come upstairs and put covers on, take covers off, turn the fan on, turn the fan off, lay with Adelaide because Jack’s already asleep, lay with Jack because Adelaide’s already asleep, or turn the movie off because it’s over and neither is asleep.  Typically, it’s just one or two of those, sometimes it’s only the last because both are asleep.  It’s all progress, and is mostly all good.

I used to become easily annoyed at the kids’ bedtime habits, especially their unwillingness to go to bed without Sarah beside them, and her inability to say no to that every night.  While there are clearly nights when I’d prefer they’d go to sleep easier, it’s ridiculously difficult for me to imagine something less annoying than that scene now.

Tonight, “could you come lay with Jack, the movie’s over?”  Except it was still playing, Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler.  The credits were rolling, when I discovered that both kids knew every word to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.  That’s weird, but kind of cool, I thought.  They thought it was equally weird that I knew all the words.  Anyone walking down the sidewalk outside at that moment almost certainly thought it was all weird as well.

After the song ends, I turn the DVD player off, both kids are asleep in about 30 seconds, I come back downstairs.  Decide to buy that song on itunes, thinking they might like it on road trips.  The search feature informs me they almost certainly know all the words to Don’t Stop Believin’ because of Glee.  Da da da da da da da da. Du du du du du du du du.  Da da da da da da da da.    While I know lots of people love that show, um, not nearly as cool that they know the words now.

Like many things written here, the theme also seems to apply to me, however.  Odd, I know.  Who’d think that I’d write something here that applies to me?  Shut up.

I’ve got a bit of a struggle going on personally, where I need to keep believing that it will all sort itself out.  Personal, social, professional, homal (my made up word to describe household, ending in al, to match the others)…. would just like some improvement.  I need to quit waiting on winning the lottery, especially since I don’t play the lottery, and step up and make it happen.  It’s an ongoing struggle, I’ve written about it before, but um, yeah, it’s ongoing.  Here’s to writing it again, in slightly different form, and picking up the pace once more.

on a side note, football!!!!   Tigers, 14-0.  beakers, slightly less than that.

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September 8th, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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