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Miami (no Memory)

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Greetings Tiger football fans,

It’s once again the happiest time of the year, with football season upon us.  Our beloved Tigers take on Miami on Saturday at 11:00 a.m.  For at least one more year, Lot D is our spot, so you can look for us in a strikingly similar location and setup as previous years.  I’ll be out there early, feel free to join whenever, any and all are welcome.  If you’d happen to like to bring a breakfast or brunch dish, I’m going to guess that it would be eaten.  As usual, if you’d like me to bring stuff to the tailgate for you, just drop it on the porch sometime Friday night and I’ll throw it in the truck.

As the excellent Dave Matter points out in the Columbia Tribune, Miami seems concerned about how we refer to them.  From their game notes, “When referring to Miami, please use either Miami, Miami University or Miami (Ohio). Please do not use Miami of Ohio or University of Miami, etc. The latter are not the proper names for our institution. Thank you.”

Mizzou evidently played the Miami last year as well, the fact that I have absolutely no memory of the 51-13 victory tells you almost how interested I am in this contest.  So I’m going with “Miami (no memory)” as my reference point and hoping that holds true again this year.  A 30-point beating is my hope, with new QB James Franklin’s dimples having their coming out party on national television.  And I miss beating the orange makes me ILL crowd every year for the first game, it turns out.

Since I have nothing funny to say about Miami (no memory), but need some material, I turn gratefully to K-State, always nice enough to provide fodder.  Commonly, you’ve got all you need just from their head of a mascot.  A few years ago, they provided the Power Towel gem.  Just today, the internets give us the K-State gift of EcoKat — the conservation and recycling centric mascot who is willing to sacrifice 3-4 bottles of Aqua Net just to make her hair enticing enough to attract recyclers yet dangerous enough to ward off Willie the Wildcat.  Bless their hearts.

Happy football, Go Tigers.

p.s.  I lost my “tailgaters” e-mail list when I left Miller’s.  And my paycheck, for that matter.  Anyway, some of you may have never received this stupidness before, some of you may wish you’d never have received it, and it’s possible I’ve left off someone that might need this information, should such a person exist. Whatevs.  Six times a year, every home game, laying out the tailgating plans (which will become a bit more important this year with the loss of the company sponsored tailgates).  on a side note, screw ku.

Written by Jason Becking

August 30th, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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