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It’s Christmas Card time… here’s ours.  I lost my mailing list, it seems, so you may or may not receive one.  They won’t be mailed until next week regardless, so you’ll be bored with my musings by then anyway.  Happy Christmas to all, and I sincerely hope 2012 for each of you is great.  Great enough that you choose to give me a bunch of money, in fact.

Here’s the text of the card:

Happy Christmas, Merry New Year and Joyful Holiday wishes from Adelaide, Jack, and Jason.  2011 has been good to all of us, with a bit of travel and a bunch of kids’ activities filling the time.  A theme from past Christmas cards too, it seems.

Adelaide is in third grade now and is remarkably close to being a grown up.  Dance remains her main activity, with swim team, golf, and tennis mixed in during the summer.  (Hello Country Club.)

Jack is in first grade and doing wonderfully.  He has lots of friends and is a great reader.  He’ll be starting basketball in January, baseball in the summer, and also took part in swim team and golf with his sister, along with soccer camp this summer.  Both are great, funny, sharp kids.

Jason took the often-advised step of quitting his job without something specific lined up.  And it turns out employment is over-rated by quite a bit.  Very much enjoyed getting the kids to the various events, picking them up from school each day, and generally being a more active parent.

A couple of new faces join us on the Christmas card, as Kim George and her son Brandon have come into our lives.  They’re fitting in well thus far, we’ll likely keep them around.  Bring on 2012, a.k.a. the Year of Paying Bills (and Mizzou victories, of course).

And here are the photos.  Please note, the design would look a lot better if Photoshop hadn’t quit working in the middle of me laying them out.  And if I was a better designer.

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December 14th, 2011 at 11:08 am

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