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Happy football season Tiger fans,

Despite my belief that Mizzou’s first game is next Saturday against Georgia, it does appear the boys will be playing a football game this weekend as well.  Kickoff against the Southeast Louisiana Lions is scheduled for 6:07 p.m.  Since you can no longer leave at halftime for a bathroom break or a beer, that :07 might be a critical period for some.

We’ll be tailgating early, can almost guarantee I’ll be there before you’d likely want to show up, so come on out whenever you like.  It might rain, it might not, but we’ll again be in glorious Lot D.  We should be in the same spot although the first game or two there’s always a bit of a feeling out process (meaning I have to feel out what time I have to arrive to beat the rest of the crowd so I can get the spot I like), so look around a bit if needed.  I’ve added another flag pole to the mix and will be flying a USA flag this year as well, because the SEC loves America.

Mike Messer’s meat will be on display during the latter parts of the tailgate…. what i mean to say is Mike is planning on smoking a bunch of pork, with a cajun dry rub recipe.  We are bringing red beans & rice and jambalaya, so feel free to bring a side dish or dessert of your choosing, if you like.  As always, if you’d like me to take anything to the tailgate for you, just have it at the house Friday night sometime.  And call Mike Messer for all your insurance needs.

In case you’re curious, here’s our path to #1 by the SEC Championship game, as predicted by me in an e-mail to a fellow prognosticator last week:

  • We open by crushing SE Louisiana earning us no love in the polls.
  • Beat Georgia by 15 the next week, to suddenly jump to 15.
  • Hangover euphoria, just barely hang on to beat Arizona State by 7,move up to 12.
  • Win in Independence Bowl fashion, big come back at South Carolina, moves us up to 8.
  • Win at Central Florida ugly, but move up to 7.
  • Beat Vandy, move to 5.
  • Game day in town, insanity rules the day, Gold Pants!, Gahn McGaffie runs another kickoff back, Alabama goes down like OU.  We move to 3 behind LSU at 2 and the USC Kiffins at 1.
  • Drill Kentucky, stay at 3.
  • Win at Florida, go to 2. Suck it LSU.
  • Win at Tennessee, stay at 2.
  • Beat Syracuse at home, USC falls, we’re number 1. We’re number 1.
  • Beat A&M at our second home, play for the sechampionship.  I fall over in anticipation at least five times that week, thus unable to accurately predict those last two games.

It goes without saying, however, 14-0.  on a side note, screw ku.

Written by Jason Becking

August 29th, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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