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Sun Devil Stank

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Late in the week greetings, Tiger Fans,

This week Mizzou hosts the Sun Devils from Arizona State University, kick off is at 6:00 pm.  We’ll be tailgating by 2:00, after another U10 girls soccer game at Noon (go Qatar).  Mexican is the fare this weekend, with the group combining to bring makings for tacos and burritos.  Really, it’s like Taco Bell, we’ll have the stuff there, you assemble it in any combination you like and call it what you will.

Arizona State beat the Tigers last year in overtime, so it’s REVENGE! again this week.  They fired their coach and hired some new guy that evidently believes in playing two quarterbacks and a locker room that smells like theirs in Arizona.  Seriously, I’ve seen more articles this week about him bringing special locker room air fresheners so his team is comfortable than I have about the game.  I haven’t read any of those articles though, because really, headline writers, trying to reel me in with some clever quip about locker room odors isn’t happening.  I’ve been in locker rooms.  They stink.  Like a mythical shoe-wearing bird stinks. Especially, maybe, one that had more Rice than it could handle and explodes might stink. (*Note:  Those birds don’t really eat Rice, because those birds are fake.  They don’t exist.  Secondly, I heard several versions of that joke this week, so I give credit to the interwebs.)

Go Tigers, Win.

Written by Jason Becking

September 13th, 2012 at 5:57 pm

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