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Rockets is Ohioan Sarcasm

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Holy Thursday, Tiger Fans.  It’s already Thursday, it seems, which means football!!! is almost here again.  Saturday the Tigers host the Rockets from Toledo University.  Kickoff is at 2:30 pm, tailgating will start mid-morning sometime, come out what you will.  We’ll have some food, but we have no idea what yet.  Bring what you will.

If you’re wondering what Rockets have to do with Toledo, it turns out the answer is “not much.”  From Toledo’s website, it seems Toledo played “then-powerful Carnegie Tech” in 1932, but had no nickname.  After a 32-12 loss, a Toledo student was asked by media members what to call his team.  “Skyrockets,” he said.

I think we all know that he really said, “huh?  what, I wasn’t listening.  Oh, whatever, dude, Skyrockets.  Clearly.  We just lost 32-12.”  He then took the sock out of his phonograph horn and put the latest Bessie Smith record back on at an inappropriate volume, later telling his chums how he pulled one over on a bunch of Carnegie Tech media elites.  And in later years he was all mad, saying, “um, I said Skyrockets, none of this ‘Rocket’ garbage!”

Anyway, football.  Tigers are 1-0, just needing to add a 4 to get to 14-0.  #math.  Toledo lost at Florida 24-6 last week, so will lose at Mizzou 48-12 in week two.  #moremath.  Go Tigers, go tailgate.

Written by Jason Becking

September 5th, 2013 at 7:20 am

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