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“Hoosier” “football” “tailgate”

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What’s better than 3-0?  4-0! (Although I’m sure they meant to say 15-0.  Never mind, they’re just taking it one game a time, giving 110%, doing what they do.)

Anyway, this Saturday, our beloved Tigers take on the Indiana Hoosiers.  Kickoff is at 3:00 pm.  They are a “football” team from the “Big 10” conference.  I hold that they’re not much of a football team, the Big 10 isn’t that big, and certainly isn’t 10.  Further, their players don’t seem to wear jean shorts, rock a mullet, live in the outskirts of STL county, or misspell signs about how dumb you are.

In honor of the Big 10’s lack of ability to count, or play football, the “theme” this week is food that doesn’t consist of what the name says it is.  Buffalo wings from CJ’s and D. Rowes are the main fare, pulled pork will also be in attendance.  Sides and desserts would be the best bringing options, if you’re looking for those.  (A theme based on Missouri hoosiers was also briefly considered, but how many Imo’s and T-ravs would have been enough?)

Last week, I indicated a score of 38-20 as the final outcome.  Sorry defense, 38-10 was the actual result.  Last year Mizzou beat Indiana 48-28.  So, 45-14 is the prediction.

I’m guessing food will show up at the tailgate right around Noon.  I’ll be there considerably before that.  Come when you will.

go Tigers!  Good job Duke.  and on a side note, screw ku.


Written by Jason Becking

September 17th, 2014 at 12:01 pm

UCF a Festering Wound

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Happy football weather season, Tiger fans!

This Saturday the beloved black and gold Tigers take on the Knights from UCF.  They are pretty decent, so I expect a close first quarter before the Tigers pull away.  38-20 final score.

Kickoff is at 11:01 a.m.  That of course means early tailgating, which means breakfast stuff.  There will almost certainly be vodka- and champagne-based orange juice beverages of some sort, and I’d imagine there will be gross tomato-based drinks as well.  Those are gross, only because of the tomatoes, and you know, because of the name.  Seriously, who came up with Bloody Mary?  Gross.  Seriously.  Could I have a Festering Wound Bob please?

As much as I knew about Mizzou’s first opponent, I know about the same regarding UCF.  They lost some good players, have some good players replacing them, gave Penn State a great game in Ireland to open the season, and have almost all the letters in their name necessary to complete my favorite phrase regarding ku.

Come tailgate when you will.  I’ll be there early (anyone want to join me early for tent setup?), most of you will arrive in time to tailgate for a few minutes before going to this way too early start.

Go Tigers.  15-0.  and on a side note, UCF ku.

Written by Jason Becking

September 11th, 2014 at 12:48 pm