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UConn’t Wear Black/Gold, UMust Wear Gold/Black

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Howdy ho, football loving friends,

I’ve long known there’s a football game tomorrow, I’m just late on the email-writing draw.  Our beloved Tigers face the Huskies from Connecticut tomorrow, kickoff is at 11:00.  (or 11:01 or some such.)  To no one’s surprise, we’ll be there for the tailgate.  Breakfast stuff is the stuff of the tailgate.  Bring some if you like.

I have nothing funny to say about UConn.  I don’t like them, so there’s that.  But that’s not very funny.  The Tigers will win, hopefully in a slightly funny way, to make up for my lack of jokes.  3-0, that’s the plan, on the way to 15-0.  go Tigers.

Other important news for tomorrow, it’s one again Tiger Stripe day at the stadium.  Sadly, that doesn’t mean free ice cream for all.  It does mean you need to check the attached map of the stadium and know where you’re sitting, to know what you’re supposed to wear.  (if you’re sitting with us, wear gold.)

Other important news for tomorrow, the Golden Girls are celebrating 50 years of existence.  Give it up for the Golden Girls!

Golden Girls 50th Anniversary
During Saturday’s game, the Golden Girls have a special halftime tribute that should keep Mizzou fans in their seats as the squad will pay homage to all of those who donned the gold sequins over the last 50 years.

Sadly, ku can’t lose this weekend, although I did put $20 on BYE just for fun.  screw ku.



Written by Jason Becking

September 18th, 2015 at 9:19 am

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