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Eat Is To Hot Dogs

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Football weekend is almost here, Tiger fans. Saturday, the beloved boys in Black & Gold will host our favorite SEC team, the Georgia Bulldogs. Kickoff is at 6:30 again, we’ll be in D Lot a long time before that. Hot dogs and fixins from Just Jeff’s will arrive around 3:00. As mentioned most weeks, sides and desserts are good bringing options if you’re looking for them.

Back to the Bulldogs and their favored status. They seem to like us, probably mostly because we haven’t beaten them enough. Another notch in our column on Saturday to add some hatred into their mix. We like them, mostly because they were our first-ever SEC game. Everyone was so happy to be out of the Big Mathematically Challenged Conference that we were glad to see anyone from the SEC. Mix that with concerns over being nice/southern enough to fit in and drastically overstated tales of how well the SEC teams would all travel, and Columbia and all her residents were ridiculously nice to anyone wearing a stitch of red that weekend.

The next year, UGa fans were the same nice folks to Mizzou fans in Athens. For example, Kim & I arrived to town around 11:00 p.m. and immediately went to downtown Athens that weekend. The first person we talked to was a hot dog cart vendor, who gave us free dogs as a welcome. Thus, the hot dogs for tailgate this week. And, you know, eat is to hot dogs as beat is to Bulldogs. Any way, we like them, they like us, but after we beat them on Saturday night, they’ll like us less. And we’ll be full of hot dogs.

Also, it’s Tiger Stripe attire game again. So, dress in Black/Gold as appropriate. On a side note, screw ku.


Written by Jason Becking

September 15th, 2016 at 1:48 pm

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