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Adventures in Mattressing

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Hi all,

As of today, I’m in the mattress business.  I’m doing business in beds.  Going to work laying down.  Putting my cash under the mattress.  And so on.

The business is called Mattress By Appointment of Columbia.  (Go ahead with your rent-a-mattress by the hour jokes, I’ve already heard them, prostitution heads.)  Similar to a franchise, but officially I’m a dealer in the Mattress By Appointment universe.  I have a website and a facebook page, as all good things do these days.  Likes and visits are appreciated.  As are shares, please let your friends and family know.

As might be incredibly obvious, it’s an appointment-only situation.  Someone lets me know they’re interested in a mattress, we’ll set up a time to meet and I’ll show you what I have available.  I’m buying straight from the factory(ies), with no sales staff or “hours” so have very low overhead.  They’re all brand new, all sizes and lots of options available, still sealed in plastic from the factory(ies).  That all translates into high value, low cost on your purchase.  And you know you want to purchase.

The appointment nature also lets me continue to do things like work at home, drive kids to games and practices, go to the lake, and watch Mizzou football win.  I’ll probably have at least another person or two scheduling their own appointments as well.

So, when you need a mattress, want a mattress, would just really like a new mattress, or maybe just want a nice place to relax while ignoring the latest election news, I hope you’ll give me a call/text.  My regular cell phone number will work as well, in addition to the new number I’ve set up for this.

Go Tigers, go Mattresses.  and on a side note, screw ku (but not in my mattresses).

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Written by Jason Becking

November 7th, 2016 at 10:16 am

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