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New York in May

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Sarah & I just returned from a trip to New York city, where much fun was had. Originally just a vacation, we also worked in a little doctoring and some time with friends. Pictures from the trip are here.

We arrived on Wednesday and met up with Craig #1 at his apartment in Greenwich Village, then off to a quick dinner. On Thursday, we did a bicycle rickshaw tour of Central Park in the morning, then Sarah had an appointment with Dr. Richard Warner, another of the nation’s experts on carcinoid. He had some slightly different recommendations than we’d heard before, but preliminary. He’ll be sending us and our local oncologist a full report in approximately a month.

From there, we hit Times Square for sights and dinner. Times Square is an insane mix of corporate advertising, people, taxis, and all that comes with all of that. For foreigners visiting the US, what a shocking first impression.

On Friday, we went walking in SoHo, checking out the stores and the sights. We then met up with Craig #2 at his apartment on the Upper East Side, for dinner and more sights. Walked around 5th Avenue a bit, seeing the fancy stores and watching young girls take pictures of the “Gucci” and “Pucci” store signs. I want to establish a chain named “Hucci” and become a millionaire. Also saw Rockefeller Center, home of the NBC studios.

Saturday was a street fair in the Village then back up to shopping around Rockefeller Plaza. Late afternoon, we took the Circle Line‘s cruise around Manhattan. Three hours very well spent, seeing parts of the city and region that we’d have never seen otherwise (thanks to our DC friends for suggesting this).

On Sunday we hit Times Square again to buy half-price tickets to a Broadway show at the TKTS windows. After debating and deciphering, we ended up with tickets to Curtains at the Hirschfeld Theatre. Had drinks at Tavern on the Green in Central Park while waiting for the show, then back up to Broadway for the performance. High Quality.

We ended our trip by stopping at Ground Zero then a quick walk over to South Street Seaport. We took mostly subway, all over town, for cheap. Also took much advantage of the plethora of meat & drink carts all over town, the Duane Reade drug stores on every corner, and the Bagel Buffet just across the street from where we stayed.

Thanks to all that helped with this trip!

Written by Jason Becking

May 29th, 2007 at 9:30 am

YouTube – Cats From Ol’ Mizzou Rap 1987

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May 21st, 2007 at 7:03 am

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368, 114, 198, 12, 14 and 0

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Happy May 10th,

A year ago this week, it was nothing but pure craziness and many on this list were first finding out about Sarah’s surgery et cetera (which happened 368 days ago). It was hectic times. Sarah & I were talking on Monday, an anniversary that you can’t figure out how to celebrate, only to conclude that “it has been a good year.”

With the benefit of hindsight, the best thing I can offer is continued and heartfelt thanks to any and all who have helped during this learning, traveling, scanning, kid-chasing experience. We’ve had help with meals, laundry, chasing kids, medical advice, insurance problem solving, chasing kids, housework, photography work, chasing kids, my work, getting to places, staying places, chasing kids, painting rooms, and countless other things. Too many times I try to speak for Sarah, but I know she joins in saying we simply could not have handled the past year without each offer of help. Thank you.

As for an update, Sarah continues to have CT scans and other testing done quarterly or thereabouts. Best information seems to be that the disease is stable, although the natural inclination is to question everything and look for more all the time. We continue to do that questioning and looking as well. We continue to be pleased with the care we’re receiving in Columbia, especially their honesty and assistance as we seek the opinions of others that see more of this disease.

The kids continue to grow, no matter how much we cut off their nourishment. Jack Thayer is almost 2 and Adelaide is almost 18. It’s dance recital weekend, so excitement is in the air. They have a new bedroom and play room, so we almost have a living room again. Somehow, I lucked into the fact that they’re happy to watch a James Taylor tribute concert thing I taped the other day, so I’m temporarily relieved from the Parent Trap¸ Aquamarine, High School Musical kid-movie loop of hell.

Later this month, we’re headed to NYC to take advantage of another generous offer and grab some vacation time in the big city. It didn’t seem right to make a trip and not visit a doctor or a Mizzou sporting event, so we arranged to visit with another of the nation’s carcinoid experts in NYC on that trip (although I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t have preferred to get a Tiger football game going somehow instead).

And, speaking of football….. 114 days until the Tigers beat the Whining’ Illini and their illustrious orange uniforms. 198 days until the Tigers beat the mythical shoe-wearing birds and seal a trip to the Big 12 Championship game. About a month after that, the Tigers will claim their first ever 14 and 0 season. Mark it down. Learned things, and there were travelled around Europe like pengar.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mothers. And on a side note, screw ku.

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May 10th, 2007 at 7:16 am

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