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Beat Old Rocky Top. Woo!

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Happy Game 6 of the World Series day, Tiger fans,

November is (almost) here, which means we’re down to the last two football home games.  

Boo.  Thankfully, after a disappointing season-opening loss to South Carolina, the Tigers got on track and have now won 7 games in a row to move to 7-1, ranked #10 in the polls, #9 in the BCS.  Shut up, that was too the order of things.  Yes it was.  Yes, it was.  Yes it was.  Shut up.  La la la la la, I can’t hear you. 

This Saturday, Mizzou hosts the Tennessee Volunteers, the OK State of the SEC.  #OrangePantsBrotherhood.  Kickoff is scheduled for 6:06 pm, we’ll be at the tailgate early afternoon.

Lutz’s BBQ is providing some meat and chips, courtesy of Kim Becking and Momentum Public Strategies.  We figured what better time than now, with all the Momentum from our 7 straight victories.  Seriously, shut up, that’s how it has happened.  Regardless, 13-1 is almost as good as 14-0.  Would still result in National Championship, which would be ok I guess.  

Go Tigers, Beat the Vols.  Go Cardinals, beat the Red Sox.  Call Kim for all your Momentum Public Strategy needs.

and on a side note, screw ku.

Written by Jason Becking

October 30th, 2013 at 10:12 am

SCar-y Gamecocks

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Anyway, football time is coming again.  On Saturday, our beloved Tigers take on the South Carolina Gamecocks.  Kickoff is scheduled for 6:00 pm.  The Tigers are 7-0 and SCar is not, so yay us, come on victory.  It should be nice all afternoon, so imagine I and some combination of kids will be out there all afternoon.  Kim & I will contribute chicken wings of some variety, so come when you will and bring what you will.  


Mizzou doesn’t really yet have a rival in the SEC.  Although, I’m pretty sure Florida became the first team to hate us somewhere around (exactly at) the time the entire stadium was doing the synchronized Gator Chomp thing to We Will Rock You.  (or We Will Mock You.  or We Will Mauk You.)  But maybe it could be the…


A stupid bird.  It kind of even rhymes with another stupid bird name. At least it’s a real creature, though, not a bird of the mythical shoe-wearing variety, but still.  I normally try to make a joke in here somewhere.  But, come on, 


Go Tigers, Beat um, South Carolina.  and on a side note, screw ku.  

Written by Jason Becking

October 24th, 2013 at 10:25 am

It’s Great, to Beat, the Florida Gators

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6-0, 6-0, 6-0! Some very wise person predicted a 14-0 season this (every) year.  The same very wise person predicted a #14 ranking after Mizzou beat Georgia.  I now predict I’ll win the lottery one day this month (no point being too specific with that one, anytime this month will be fine).

This Saturday, our beloved Tigers take on the Florida Gators.  My first experience with Gator fan came years ago in a sports bar in San Antonio, where some, um, what’s the word, jackass ran around the bar incessantly chanting “It’s Great, to be, a Florida Gator!”  I have no idea who they were playing, who won, or why I was even there (so, who was Mizzou playing?), but I remember him clearly.  Good work, you guy.  (And please withhold your comments about the people in front of us at Faurot feeling the same about us, they secretly love us.  Saw one of them in Athens, even, who made sure to ask if I was going to call Georgia “cheaters”?)

Anyway, Saturday, Tigers vs Florida.  Kickoff is scheduled for 11:21.  Tailgating will be had, but it’ll be in whatever fashion the attendees choose to contribute.  It’ll be set up before you get out of bed, I’ll hang out for a while, then Adelaide has a soccer game at 9:00, so will head to that (Go Argentina 12U!), back before kickoff sometime.

Kim is headed to California this weekend. She’ll be completing a 200-mile bike ride over the weekend, raising funds for the Young Survival Coalition.  YSC is “is the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women diagnosed with breast cancer.”  Should you be so inclined, read more about it and/or feel free to donate here.

Go Kim, 200-miles.  

Go Tigers, beat the Gators.  

and on a side note, screw ku.*

*back by popular demand

Written by Jason Becking

October 15th, 2013 at 2:32 pm