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Best Game Ever?

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Some guy named Mark Schlabach from ESPN has an article calling Georgia’s 26-24 defeat over Tennessee in 2001 the best game he’s ever seen. I should write for ESPN, it seems.

I was also at that game and it was a great game, but it barely rates my personal Top 5. While heavily skewed towards Mizzou, obviously, several of these are still replayed endlessly on ESPN Classic, so I’m not alone at least. My Top 5 NCAA Football games witnessed in person:

5. GA-UT game in Knoxville in 2001. Georgia wins 26-24 on a touchdown in the last seconds.

4. MU’s 41-24 victory over Nebraska in 2003. Would be on my personal highlight list just for breaking the streak against the bugeaters, but Brad Smith’s performance in the game against the #1 ranked defense in the country (at the time) was remarkable.

3. 5th Down. Colorado’s 33-31 victory over Mizzou in 1990. Game remarkable for the officiating, not necessarily the on-field performances, as CU’s winning “score” came on a mistaken “5th Down” play as time expired. And as replays still show, CU quarterback Charles Johnson still didn’t score on the play. He was down. CU went on to claim a share of the national championship.

2. Flea-Kicker. Nebraska’s 45-38 overtime win at Mizzou in 1997 was possible due to an insanely lucky (and technically illegal) game-tieing touchdown with seconds remaining in regulation. Pass from QB Scott Frost intended for Shevin Wiggins. As the ball was deflected, Wiggins eventually kicked it just enough for a diving Matt Davison to catch for the TD that sent to overtime. Nebraska went on to claim a share of the national championship.

1. Boston College’s 41-39 victory at Notre Dame in 1993. Notre Dame had just beaten Florida State in “The Game of the Century” to remain undefeated and move to #1 in the rankings with just the BC game remaining. BC dominated much of the game, only to have Notre Dame score 3 touchdowns in 11 minutes to move into the lead with just seconds remaining. BC then drove and kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired. Remarkable not only for the ups and downs, but for how the ND crowd (students at least) stayed into the game and supported their team even when they were way down.

Other tidbits, here’s a youtube clip of a 1961 brawl between players at KU-MU basketball game. Interesting as a reminder that stuff like this didn’t just start with today’s generation. Also interesting that they thought (hoped?) playing the national anthem would make everyone stop.

Written by Jason Becking

June 5th, 2007 at 6:49 am