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Hold That Hug

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I write to make sure everyone knows of an event that is being planned by a group of Sarah’s friends and peers — “Hold That Hug“, a drop-in family photo shoot, is taking place next Sunday, October 12, from 3 – 5 pm at Stewart Park in Columbia.  (If the esteemed President of the Stewart Park Association happens to be reading this, please remember my extra contribution to your slush fund recently and kindly look the other way as it seems we’re proceeding without waiting on official approval.)  Photo taken or no, come hang out with the gang if you like.

From the site:  http://www.holdthathug.blogspot.com/

Sarah Becking’s photographer friends are hosting a tribute event that’s taken the shape of a drop-in family photo shoot from 3-5 PM, Sunday, October 12th. (If it’s raining at 12 noon that day stay tuned to this blog. If it’s still raining at 2 PM, we’ll reschedule for the event to be held on Sunday, October 26th instead.) note:  There’s a step we haven’t yet taken in getting official permission to use the park, but plan on dropping by sometime during 3-5 pm at Stewart Park in Columbia. Hang out with us. Play with us. Get your picture made by us.

every family is welcome.

“family hug” type group pictures will be created (at no charge) for every family in attendance.

family pictures will be posted online via sarah becking’s zenfolio site (i.e. her “photo store”) sometime after the event. proceeds from any print sales will be directed to something sarah really loved: PICTURES-OF-THE-YEAR-International.

that’s the scoop. stay tuned for updates. and go hug somebody you love ~ that’s what it’s all about.

hold that hug.

Go Hug your friends and family, go Tigers, beat the corn, and on a side note, screw ku.

Written by Jason Becking

October 3rd, 2008 at 1:14 pm

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