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Do You Chew on Lemons?

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So I’m at the dentist earlier this week and after the obligatory football talk, the first words my dentist says to me are “Do you chew on lemons?”  “No,” I replied, “what an odd way to start a conversation.  Do you ask everyone that?”  Why not “Do you put small bits of barbed wire in your underwear?” or “Are you still hitting young children with your car?”  I didn’t really offer those suggestions, but odd, no?

You know how awful it is when dentists or their assistants ask you questions while they have their hands stuck in your mouth?  Yes or no questions are annoying, but when they ask some open-ended nonsense, makes me question my judgment on why I’m allowing them anywhere near me with those whine-making tools.  How much more annoying do you think it’d be if they started asking questions about your spouse’s death?  If you answered 100 times more annoying, you’re not even close.  After the initial shock, it was fine, but wowsers.  (And if you’re reading this, dental assistant, I’m not mad or anything, they were simple, honest questions, it just shocked me initially.)

I’ve had a couple of reminders recently about people reading the blog.  I also occasionally still go back and re-read both the junk I’ve written and the many messages I’ve received.  Although it can be painful, it is healing in some weird way as well.  Oddly, some of the healing, I think, comes from the renewed pain. Like breaking through the scar tissue, maybe.  Or some other medical analogy that might be better suited.

I’m way way way not into anything medical related, which makes the health insurance reform yelling awesome.  Think the vast majority of those yelling have never lived through a major medical situation, with or without good insurance, so should shut up.  Go talk to those that have, talk to the doctors and nurses.  And by all means they should quit yelling.

We’re 2/3 of the way through our flu shots.  Adelaide had hers yesterday, mine was today, Jack’s will be on Tuesday.  Our physician’s office chose not to offer the H1N1 vaccination, which made me happy.  I was leaning against having them done anyway, everyone that worked in that office was also not having them done, so was a happy circumstance for me.

On cemetery news, Sarah’s monument should be set sometime in the next few weeks.  The foundation work has been done, now it’s just a matter of the company from Memphis finding a day or two to come up and complete the installation.  Not sure how I feel about that, except that I’ll be glad to not be dealing with it anymore.  Even before it’s set, I know there are a few details I’d change, but don’t think any of it matters a great deal (and wouldn’t to Sarah).

I seem to have several offers to go to tomorrow night’s game at Ok State, which I’m refusing thus far.  The drive and passing off of the kids have me hesitating.  We are going to Colorado for that game.  Well, I’m going to the game, the kids are going to Colorado for the trick-or-treating.

Finally, after earlier stories of the beaker football and basketball teams hating each other, we now have a story of the beaker football team and fans hating each other.  Hey beakers, go chew on lemons.

p.s.  Everyone should go watch this video of the landthieves’ fans embarrassing themselves.

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October 16th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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