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Don’t Stop Believin’

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Bedtime routine is for the kids to go to their shared room, they alternate nights picking out a movie, then both climb into Jack’s bed and watch the show.  Somewhere along the way I normally get invited to come upstairs and put covers on, take covers off, turn the fan on, turn the fan off, lay with Adelaide because Jack’s already asleep, lay with Jack because Adelaide’s already asleep, or turn the movie off because it’s over and neither is asleep.  Typically, it’s just one or two of those, sometimes it’s only the last because both are asleep.  It’s all progress, and is mostly all good.

I used to become easily annoyed at the kids’ bedtime habits, especially their unwillingness to go to bed without Sarah beside them, and her inability to say no to that every night.  While there are clearly nights when I’d prefer they’d go to sleep easier, it’s ridiculously difficult for me to imagine something less annoying than that scene now.

Tonight, “could you come lay with Jack, the movie’s over?”  Except it was still playing, Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler.  The credits were rolling, when I discovered that both kids knew every word to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.  That’s weird, but kind of cool, I thought.  They thought it was equally weird that I knew all the words.  Anyone walking down the sidewalk outside at that moment almost certainly thought it was all weird as well.

After the song ends, I turn the DVD player off, both kids are asleep in about 30 seconds, I come back downstairs.  Decide to buy that song on itunes, thinking they might like it on road trips.  The search feature informs me they almost certainly know all the words to Don’t Stop Believin’ because of Glee.  Da da da da da da da da. Du du du du du du du du.  Da da da da da da da da.    While I know lots of people love that show, um, not nearly as cool that they know the words now.

Like many things written here, the theme also seems to apply to me, however.  Odd, I know.  Who’d think that I’d write something here that applies to me?  Shut up.

I’ve got a bit of a struggle going on personally, where I need to keep believing that it will all sort itself out.  Personal, social, professional, homal (my made up word to describe household, ending in al, to match the others)…. would just like some improvement.  I need to quit waiting on winning the lottery, especially since I don’t play the lottery, and step up and make it happen.  It’s an ongoing struggle, I’ve written about it before, but um, yeah, it’s ongoing.  Here’s to writing it again, in slightly different form, and picking up the pace once more.

on a side note, football!!!!   Tigers, 14-0.  beakers, slightly less than that.

Written by Jason Becking

September 8th, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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