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Pool Observations

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Over the past few weeks I think I’ve become to have a little greater appreciation for the difficulties those in poverty can face when trying to climb out.  Hanging out at the country club pool every day for two hours allows you grand perspective, it seems.  Who knew?

I first really started thinking about it after a United Way meeting.  Results from a survey were presented, some of which indicated that cost of medical bills was thought to be a major factor among those facing poverty.  I’m sure it wasn’t actually the case, but I detected nothing but shock from those in the room.  Several comments were made about how surprising that was.  No one was disputing, but several were generally surprised.  Meanwhile I was likely slack-jawed at their surprise… I couldn’t believe you could be unaware of that anymore, at least that it was possible to be driven to poverty by medical bills and situations.

Self-employed guy has a major accident.  Big bills.  Can’t work for a bit, so then thinks he can’t afford insurance.  Takes a risk, starts down a slippery slope, something else pops up.  It can be as simple as that.  Or breast cancer survivor that then loses COBRA coverage.  Good luck purchasing that new coverage.

Similarly, at least a little, with the kids no longer in school it is freaking difficult to do anything.  Anything.  Since I’m watching my money while going to the country club pool every day for two hours, I’m hesitant to have a sitter (much).  Which means a simple “Can you come over this afternoon for a meeting?” becomes unsimple.  I never fully appreciated that when scheduling the bazillions of interviews I’ve scheduled over the past 10 years.   Certainly that part is doable, but it’s hard.

Speaking of hard, it’s nice out so I think I’ll go to the pool.

Written by Jason Becking

June 30th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

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  1. Jason,

    This is Ruth Gerdes in Nebraska. We emailed a little over 4 years ago. Since that time UNMC and I have gone public with my carcinoid story, and I have been overwhelmed with emails from other carcinoid patients all over the world. I never knew your Sarah, but I can tell you that every time a new carcinoid patient talks with me, I think of her. I HATE that you have lost your wife and your children their Mom. Sarah’s story gives me inspiration with each new person who contacts me. I try to honor her by making sure each patient is encouraged to look beyond one Doctor, or group of Doctor’s. It especially motivates me when I know that young familes like yours will be impacted.

    I also make darn sure that the new patient and their family ask the questions about ICU hours and visiting. Again it motivates me to give them questions to ask that are critical. You have it nailed, those ICU rules are totally archaic and should be banned.

    Shame on those professionals who did not behave like professionals for Sarah, and for your family.

    There is something that draws me back to your blog every now and then. Mostly it is when a young carcinoid patient contacts me, and I want to make sure I give them all things that can happen, as well as the positives. I try very hard to honor Sarah in that way, and do good for another young family who is dealing with this disease.

    Hug those children tight, and please let them know that many of us who are carcinoid patients wish that they had not gotten robbed of their Mother.

    Ruth Gerdes


    10 Jul 11 at 5:43 pm

  2. Ruth,

    I’m sorry, I’m just now seeing (and approving) this comment. I appreciate this very much. It’s absolutely critical that new carcinoids receive all the info and tips they can, as we were lucky to early on as well.

    Good for you,


    Jason Becking

    17 Aug 11 at 9:46 pm

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