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Screw UK

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Holy it’s Thursday already, Tiger Fans,

As you all know, Homecoming week means cold, rain on Friday night, and beating as bad a football team as we can find (I’m looking at you, Oklahoma of 2010) to play.  In longstanding tradition, this year Homecoming will be against a team wearing blue whose fans don’t really even know football exists.  Kick off against UK is at 11:00, which means early tailgate time and breakfast galore.  Come when you will, bring what you will, win Tigers.

I know almost nothing about our opponent this week, which just makes it all the easier to pretend they’re from the west, wear red socks, celebrate their vagabond history, and have regularly been on probation for illegal basketball recruiting.  Go Tigers, and on a side note, screw UK.

Written by Jason Becking

October 25th, 2012 at 1:28 pm

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