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Summers and Birthdays, Memories and Dri Fit

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This is the first week of summer vacation for the kids, which means the first week of sitter roulette at the house.  Our now long-time sitter has the kids two days each week, a new sitter has them another two days, with a grandma taking care of the final day.  Both kids are scheduled for Columbia College basketball camp next week, with soccer camp and vacation bible school coming later this summer.   We’ll also take a trip to Colorado over the 4th of July – no real plans, just for fun.

Today is also Jack’s birthday, he’s now five.   So five years ago yesterday, about the time of this writing, I rushed home from work to pick up Sarah and speed to the hospital.  We got a slight police escort through downtown and rushed inside before things slowed down dramatically, a monster thunderstorm came through Columbia, and JTB was eventually delivered via c-section around 1:35 in the morning of June 9.

Adelaide whispering secrets to Jack

Also means, of course, that Sarah’s birthday and our anniversary have just passed, and that another memorable time of the year is coming right up.  Except for Jack’s birthday, none of the other dates are especially difficult or troubling for me.  I certainly wish Sarah was around whenever we’re celebrating something, but don’t necessarily miss her more or think of her more on the ‘bad’ days.  In all, it’s just a time of the year with a lot of memories.

At least yesterday, the same seems to be true for Adelaide.  Occasionally she’ll be upset, especially around bed time, with the only real verbal explanation that she misses mommy.  This happened extremely rarely early on, has become a bit more frequent over the last 6-8 months, but is still not a common thing.  Right or wrong, more than once I’ve at least partially chalked it up to avoiding bedtime.  Not saying she didn’t miss Sarah or wasn’t upset, but that it seemed to be at least as much about going to bed.

Last night was a little different, she was both very upset and more willing to talk to me about it than normal.  She said she was just thinking about mommy, “what she looked like and stuff”, and became upset.  After a little time and a little talking, said she was just thinking about “how nice she was and how fun she was”.  At which point of course I’m crying, even though Adelaide isn’t anymore.

In all, I think it’s healthy, although it hurts me to watch her go through it.  She’d spent some time weekly recently with the counselor at school, “talking about memories” so I think she might be missing that some too.  From the moment I told the kids about Sarah being gone, Adelaide has been very hesitant to talk to me about anything except happy memories, and wouldn’t let me see her upset for a long time.  As she fell asleep last night, she said she might like to find someone to talk with about memories and such, so I’ve scheduled an introductory appointment for that to happen.  No matter what, I think it’ll be good for her to have someone to talk freely with.

On a completely different topic, I had a great time on my trip to Dallas a few weeks ago.  If you ever think about going to the Byron Nelson golf tournament, you should.  Especially if you have a hook up like we ended up with.  Or appreciate sun dresses.  Or booze.  Same thing for a Jimmy Buffet concert, even if you’re a music snob (Sammy).  And if you’re a single male aged 35 or below, I’d recommend you go to one of those events, then just never leave Dallas.

Finally, I’m so sick of the PacBig1012141618 expansion “reporting”.  Someone text me when it’s over.  And I’m becoming a little obsessed with Dri Fit clothing.  If anyone has a closet full of golf shirts/t-shirts/shorts made of the deliciously wicking fabric, I’ll be happy to come take some off your hands.  On a PacBig1012141618 note, screw ku (although I sincerely wish that Mizzou, Nebraska, and ku would all go to the Big 10 should that really shake out).

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June 9th, 2010 at 1:48 pm

AEB Autobiography

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Adelaide wrote her autobiography for her 1st grade class.  A pdf version is here.  Below is the full text, in case any is hard to read.

Cover:  Adelaide’s Autobiography
Dedication:  I dedicate this book to Stella Will my friend.  Because she is nice and she livs (lives) close to me.
About the Author:  My name is Adelaide Elizabeth Becking.  I am in first grade.  I go to Grant School in Columbia, Missouri.  My teacher’s name is Mrs. Williams.  I like to play with my American Girl dolls.  I wrote this book in March 2010.  I hope you enjoy my book!

  1. Chapter 1 — When I Was A Baby
    On September 25 2002 a girl was born at Boone count-y Hospital the parents named me Adelaide Elizabeth Becking.
  2. My hair color was brown.  My weight was 8 pounds and 4 oz.  I was 21″ long.  The time I was born was at 3:35.  I had blue eyes.  My first word was purple.  I said it like purlpe.  It was prulpe because my eyes were sometime purlpe.  I walk-
  3. ed at the age of 1 or some-thing like that.  My favorite doll was papa.
  4. Chapter 2 — About My Family
    In 2002 I was born.  3 years later in 2005 my Mom Sarah Becking gave birth to a boy name-
  5. d Jack Thayer Becking.  He is my brother and he can be crazy but I love him.  My dad Jason Lee Becking makes pictures well prints some.  Jason loves Mu.  He loves Espn.  My Dad love to go to the Mizzou gams.  Woosh woosh watch out hera (here)
  6. comes my mom.  My mom grow up skiing she was very good at it.  I never saw her do it.  She grow up in Denver, Colorado or something in Colorado.
  7. Chapter 3 — My Friends
    So Chapter 3 is My Friends right.  If you said right it’s right.  I am going to tell abute (about) friends but cousin friends the
  8. one I am going to talk abute now is Jacob.  He has a pool.  He likes it.  Ther is alute abute (there is a lot about) Jacob I am not going to tell all abute Jacob and that is all.  Callob (Caleb) wake up I am talking abute you now!!!!!!!  Callob and Jacob are brothers.  Callob is the igzat (exact) same
  9. as Jacob but there difret (different) ages.  No Patin (now Payton) he has a little brother named Reid he has a little sisster named Litea (Lydia).  He
  10. likes to wrestle. He likes video gams.  No Reed.  He is 3 years old.   He likes to be like his big brother.  He has a bike that he loves.
  11. Chapter 4 — When I Grow Up
    When I grow up I will teach in Denver Colorado.  3D art.  I will go to Mizzou Colleg.
  12. For a car I will have a Jeep that is black with peace signs of course.  Lets see hear I will go to Bruin Hig School.   I want to go to the sorority Kapp Kapp Gamma.  After I retire I will move to Glenwood Springs.
  13. It will be fun.

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May 18th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

The Mitten – by Adelaide E. Becking

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The Mitten (pdf file, full version of what’s below)

Following is the full text, as written by Adelaide.  (Anything in parentheses is me clarifying.)

  1. The Mitten
    by Adelaide E. Becking
  2. I dedicate this book to my Mom sarah Becking cass (cause) she was a vary spasher prsin (very special person) and she cunit fid thing alot (couldn’t find things a lot).
  3. One Winter night a girl named Sarah went out to the store and got hot chocolate.  When she got home she notice
  4. her mitten was gone.  She started thinking where she was.  She was still in colorado.  “I must have droped it on the way to the store.”  “I’ll go back to look.”
  5. Pherr siad (Brr said) the cat.  I wish I could find a cozzy plas (cozy place) for my lite fuzzy fur.  I found a home!  I found
  6. a home!  I am going to shiv (?) in the mitten.  This is a nice mitten I hope someone will come into my mitten
  7. Seconly a tiny frog was jumping along.  He was very scared and cold he found a BIG dot.  But when
  8. he got colser (closer) he notice it was a mitten!  He said ribit ribit is enyone  (anyone) home.  “I, said the cat.” “Wud (would) you like to come in?”  “Ribit yes”!  So he wint in.
  9. Then a Dog came.  It was playing in the snow.  It was so cute he sail (saw) the mitten and whnt (went) to it.
  10. When it was going to the mitten it started to sink the Cat ran after the Dog.  The Cat caught the Dog!  And the Dog got out of the snow in gust (just) of time.
  11. Next a havy and harey (heavy and hairy) Bear was toping (hopping? loping?) along. And sail (saw) the mitten he ran affter it and leaped in
  12. it.  None of them knew becaus they wher asep (were asleep).  And he fal asep (fell asleep) to when he sail (saw) them.  They wok up an our (hour) later.  And they sail (saw) the Bear he whnt (went) out but the frog said hey dot (don’t) go we wuod (would) love for you to stahey (stay).
  13. Finally a big bad Moose with big antleers was going to the mitten he go in the mitten by pushing
  14. when he got comfortbole they shouted “get out intell (until) you say sorry!”  So he said sorry and went in.
  15. Sarah went out to look for her mitten.  Wien (when) she was out of site she sail (saw)
  16. the animais (animals) and said, “do you guys want to live with me.”  And they all said yes!!!!
    My name is Adelaide E. Becking
    I am in the First Grade
    I go to Grant School in Columbia, Missouri.
    My teacher’s name is Mrs. Williams
    I like to play with my doills (dolls) and rid my souder (ride my scooter).  I also like to read and writ.
    I hope you enjoy my book.
    I published the store The Mitten on Jan. 2010

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April 6th, 2010 at 10:43 am

My Mom — by Adelaide E. Becking

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April 6th, 2010 at 10:09 am

My Friend — by Adelaide E. Becking

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April 6th, 2010 at 10:06 am

Grant News

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Jack is now a registered kindergartner.  Mostly, anyway.  We went on Wednesday and turned in all the paperwork and took a tour of the school, given by a current 5th grader.  Jack followed around everywhere, with his hands in his jeans pockets, not answering nor asking any questions.  When it was time to go to school the next day he asked if he was going to CDC (pre-school) or kindergarten.  When told CDC, he replied “Good, i forgot to tell everyone there I registered.”  Then on the drive by Grant that morning he waved real big at his new principal.  He’s proud to be going and clearly ready to go, I think

As for Adelaide, we met in her 1st Grade class this morning at 7:45, where they showed off their writings.  She’s written a book, which I’ll try to scan and post here eventually, plus a couple of poems.  They also had group research projects about various arctic animals.  Here’s a link to Stella, Abby, and Adelaide’s recording of their project on Beluga Whales.

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March 19th, 2010 at 10:39 am

Christmas Cards

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Not the paper kind, thoughtfully ordered from Mpix.com, which I’m seemingly not going to get done in 2009, but the those two kids are cards kind.

Adelaide, on December 24, after being told that “Be nice” was Grandma Cindy’s motto:

Hmm.  Look Good.  That’s my motto.  My motto is Look Good.

Jack, around 10 p.m. on December 26, after being asked to go say goodbye to the last of the hundreds of family at Bill and Nancy’s house that day:

Why do I have to give hugs to everyone?  They’re not even in our family!

Jack, around 10 a.m. on December 27, after being asked to go take a bubble bath.

Um, I don’t take baths or showers in the morning.  At night time, not in the morning.

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December 28th, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Mileys of Observation

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I took Jack, Adelaide, and a friend of hers to the Miley Cyrus concert last night in St. Louis.  The kids had been extremely excited about it for a few weeks now.  Jack wasn’t originally going to go, but after Adelaide exhausted invitations to all her friends that we thought might be able to go, she finally relented and asked him.

My mom rode from Columbia to St. Louis with us, she’d stayed in Columbia after the football game to watch Adelaide who had been sick.  We turned on the “Miley drive” songlist from my phone and the kids sang and played all the way to St. Louis.  We did hear a few times, thought, that the drive wasn’t as fun as they thought it would be.

At the concert, we were early so got in easily.  Grabbed some souvenirs, with the mighty assistance of a credit card, then went to our seats in Section 314.  Up high, but 2nd row, not too bad.  Went to the nearest concession stand where we came away with 4 cheeseburgers, 3 lemonades, and a large Pepsi, again with the mighty assistance of a credit card.  Returned to our seats in 314 and ate, only spilling a couple of the drinks in the process.

A few minutes after finishing, a friend at the show texted wondering where we were sitting.  I told her, but for some reason grabbed the tickets out of my pocket again.  Oops, we were supposed to be in 317, not 314, the altitude must have impacted my reading comprehension.  So, packed up and moved to 317, sorry about the spilled Pepsi and lemonade, whoever came next!

We had a minute-by-minute countdown to 7:00, when the show was supposed to start.  After the (awful awful awful) opening band, everyone headed to the bathroom.  Um, there are a lot of females at this show, the line is stretching out forever, I can’t help them much, and Jack might be close to having an accident.   The girls insist they’re fine, some nice lady offers to keep an eye on them as the line moves, so off Jack and I go.  About 10 minutes later, the girls finally emerge ready for Miley.

I’m sure the kids all thought Miley was excellent… they sang, danced, sang, danced, yelled, sang, and danced.  All in all, it was a fine show.

My thoughts, however, drifted…..

  • Some moms clearly bought tickets and brought their kids just so they could get all dressed up and sing to Miley themselves.  Clearly.
  • Some dads weren’t aware that dancing with the crowd of 10-12 year old girls, even if one of them is your daughter, looks creepy.
  • Miley either needs to wear longer clothes, stand farther from the edge of the stage, hire considerably taller cameramen, or all three.

The kids really did have a great time, but Sarah should have been there too, was mostly where my mind drifted.

After the show, we go back out to the van, I’m extremely impressed at how quickly we’re getting out of there.  Load everyone up, lean their seats back so they can go to sleep, pull out of there at about 9:30.  I go through a stop sign, no problem.  I go through the next stop light, turn left, hit the accelerator, hear a THUMP, from the back of the van.  Followed by “Dad, I fell over” in a surprisingly calm voice.

I finish the turn, look in the mirror, don’t really see Jack anywhere.  I pull over immediately, look back, he’s laid back like an astronaut prepared for takeoff, still buckled into his carseat into the main seat, like it’s no big deal.  The girls start to laugh immediately.  Instead of leaning his seat back, evidently I initially unlatched, so the seat could flip over.  Could, and in fact, did.   We laughed as hard as we could without making him think we were laughing at him.  A quick fix, back on the road, all three kids asleep by 9:45.

It was a good time.  Much thanks to the grandparents for thinking of and buying the tickets.

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October 29th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

School Timing

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JTB & AEB First Day of School

JTB & AEB First Day of School

Jack and Adelaide successfully started school again yesterday.  Jack is back at CDC.  He’s in the Bear Class this year, which is where he spent the summer as well.  The other big changes for him are the fact that he’s going five days per week and that he’s now one of the oldest kids in the school.  Also that they have a male cook this year.  He has black hair.  They had hot dogs yesterday.  With ketchup.

Jack has started both days by asking if this is the day he gets to start kindergarten.  With most of his friends no longer at CDC, he’s not sure why he needs to be there either.

CDC also has a new policy of calling you every time someone gets hurt.  “Hurt” seems to include almost every normal activity for a four-year old boy.  Thankfully, they’ve modified already to allow for sending text messages or emails, so I watch for those daily.  Today’s message was “jack fell while running on the bike track.  he scraped his knee a little.  he is fine.”

Adelaide is a 1st Grader at Grant, with Mrs. Williams as her teacher.  She has several friends from kindergarten in her class, which is great of course.  With only two kindergarten classes, she also sees the remaining friends frequently.  After a day, she likes math the most.  It seems that early first grade math consists of tracing the number 2.  More advanced techniques will surely follow.  We’re also trying to pack a lunch this year, which was very strongly discouraged last year (by me).

The Grant playground has an institutionally mandated pecking order.  You have to be in 3rd Grade to go on the soccer field, kindergartners aren’t allowed past the log cabin, only the brave chase wayward four-square balls into the cemetery, etc.  So of course the minute they were allowed to play yesterday before school started, all the newly minted first graders ran immediately to the formerly forbidden climber and log cabin!  I assume they also stared menacingly at the kindergartners in the hallways, although I didn’t see that part.

Adelaide will go to Adventure Club after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with dance, grandmother, and sitter combining to take care of Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Jack will also probably get to leave CDC early on Thursdays, so he can participate in the Grant School playground sibling social hour after school.

In all, school is off to a smooth start.  Certainly much smoother than this time last year, for all of us.

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August 25th, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Pennies for Projects

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Adelaide and Jack go to the Bootheel Youth Museum almost every visit to Malden.  It’s a quite impressive interactive museum, especially so for a town that size.

The BYM is currently using a “Pennies for Projects” campaign to raise funds.  Hoping to get to a billion pennies, which seems like a lot to me.

The kids dropped off pennies at their last visit to town.  There’s a nice little write-up and pic on the BYM website.  Allegedly newspaper coverage to come also.  Yay small town newspapers.

AEB & JTB Donating Pennies
AEB & JTB Donating Pennies

Adelaide and Jack Becking aren’t necessarily two individuals the average person would consider calling Bootheel Youth Museum benefactors.  You’d be surprised to learn that these two Missouri residents are not only staunch advocates of the BYM but have become fundraisers as well.  The two children, yep that’s right they’re just kids, their combined age is 10.  They have conducted a Pennies 4 Project fundraiser in their home town of Colombia, Missouri.  Adelaide, age 6, and Jack, age 4, are the grandchildren of Bill and Nancy Green and added their collection of 3,969 pennies to the Pennies 4 Projects bin.

Adelaide and Jack share their love of the museum with their friends, family, and have even told businesses about the BYM.  Nancy shared a story about how animated the kids were, when they were talking with a restaurant owner in Columbia.  The owner excused himself and came back a few minutes later with a jar full of pennies.  Adelaide and Jack aren’t the only young fundraisers the museum has had over the last few months. Malden Elementary School students have collected  3,871 pennies.  The grand total of pennies collected as of August 14, 2009, is 72,526pennies.  The BYM wants to thank all our donors and requests you keep saving and sending in your pennies as the museum hopes to collect 1 billion.”

Written by Jason Becking

August 18th, 2009 at 3:32 pm