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AEB Autobiography

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Adelaide wrote her autobiography for her 1st grade class.  A pdf version is here.  Below is the full text, in case any is hard to read.

Cover:  Adelaide’s Autobiography
Dedication:  I dedicate this book to Stella Will my friend.  Because she is nice and she livs (lives) close to me.
About the Author:  My name is Adelaide Elizabeth Becking.  I am in first grade.  I go to Grant School in Columbia, Missouri.  My teacher’s name is Mrs. Williams.  I like to play with my American Girl dolls.  I wrote this book in March 2010.  I hope you enjoy my book!

  1. Chapter 1 — When I Was A Baby
    On September 25 2002 a girl was born at Boone count-y Hospital the parents named me Adelaide Elizabeth Becking.
  2. My hair color was brown.  My weight was 8 pounds and 4 oz.  I was 21″ long.  The time I was born was at 3:35.  I had blue eyes.  My first word was purple.  I said it like purlpe.  It was prulpe because my eyes were sometime purlpe.  I walk-
  3. ed at the age of 1 or some-thing like that.  My favorite doll was papa.
  4. Chapter 2 — About My Family
    In 2002 I was born.  3 years later in 2005 my Mom Sarah Becking gave birth to a boy name-
  5. d Jack Thayer Becking.  He is my brother and he can be crazy but I love him.  My dad Jason Lee Becking makes pictures well prints some.  Jason loves Mu.  He loves Espn.  My Dad love to go to the Mizzou gams.  Woosh woosh watch out hera (here)
  6. comes my mom.  My mom grow up skiing she was very good at it.  I never saw her do it.  She grow up in Denver, Colorado or something in Colorado.
  7. Chapter 3 — My Friends
    So Chapter 3 is My Friends right.  If you said right it’s right.  I am going to tell abute (about) friends but cousin friends the
  8. one I am going to talk abute now is Jacob.  He has a pool.  He likes it.  Ther is alute abute (there is a lot about) Jacob I am not going to tell all abute Jacob and that is all.  Callob (Caleb) wake up I am talking abute you now!!!!!!!  Callob and Jacob are brothers.  Callob is the igzat (exact) same
  9. as Jacob but there difret (different) ages.  No Patin (now Payton) he has a little brother named Reid he has a little sisster named Litea (Lydia).  He
  10. likes to wrestle. He likes video gams.  No Reed.  He is 3 years old.   He likes to be like his big brother.  He has a bike that he loves.
  11. Chapter 4 — When I Grow Up
    When I grow up I will teach in Denver Colorado.  3D art.  I will go to Mizzou Colleg.
  12. For a car I will have a Jeep that is black with peace signs of course.  Lets see hear I will go to Bruin Hig School.   I want to go to the sorority Kapp Kapp Gamma.  After I retire I will move to Glenwood Springs.
  13. It will be fun.

Written by Jason Becking

May 18th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

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