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Blocks of 7

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I’ve got a bit of writer’s block, work block, fun block going on.  No sun block, mostly because I hate it, but also because it’s been rainy.  But still lots of blocks.  Once upon a time I gave company wide advice that when you’re not enjoying things, if you simply make an effort to do better, the situation will improve and you’ll feel better about both yourself and your job.  I still believe that, but am having a hard time putting it into practice both personally and professionally.  And I have much less patience for stupidity and whining than normal, if that’s even possible.

The days/nights/weekends all run together for me now.  We are in a routine, probably to a bit of a fault, but that’s how it is.  Broken up the next two weekends with planned trip to the STL Zoo on Saturday and then Adelaide’s dance recital on May 16.

One of the reasons for my issues is no doubt the blocks of 7s and other important dates coming up.  Thursday marks 3 years from Sarah’s emergency surgery and diagnosis.  June 7 is her 37th birthday.   July 7 seems to be coming soon too.  Throw in our anniversary on May 30, Jack’s birthday on June 9, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and a trip to Colorado, and there’s quite a few things that should be happy that I’m sort of dreading over the next 2 months.  Even July 4, a day that should be fireworks and BBQs, am afraid that all I’ll remember is sitting in the stupid ‘nice’ OR waiting room watching a replay of the DC fireworks and making plans for this year.

The kids are going and growing.  Made small strides toward Adelaide learning how to ride her bike last night.  Jack is tall and lean at the moment, maybe because he still doesn’t really like to eat dinner all that much.  Summer goals will be to get Jack swimming and Adelaide riding that bike, but they’re doing great, really.

Adelaide has been invited to attend a reception at Boone County National Bank on Thursday, which I’ll attend also.  BCNB is “Partner in Education” with Grant School and commonly has artwork on display in their main facility.  Several from Grant were chosen to have their art displayed, so that will go up on Thursday and they’ll have a little snack session for fun afterwards.  I’ll post pictures too, I’m sure.

To lighten the mood, here’s a link to lots of trivial junk about the number 7.  For instance, it’s the number of spots on a common ladybug.  It is the smallest positive integer to be spoken with two syllables when pronounced in English.  The number of heavens in Islamic tradition.  And so on.

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May 5th, 2009 at 10:55 am

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