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Keep Dancing

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Realizing it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here… thinking my incessant drivel on twitter is serving somewhat to unbottle my nonsense that would normally then fester until finding its way here.

Last week was dance recital week at CPAC in Columbia, which is quite a scene (pictures coming soon).  Adelaide is in two classes this year, so two dress rehearsals, two recitals, (and two sets of pictures and DVDs to purchase).  At the first set of pictures, I was saying hello to one of CPAC’s main folks, who commented something like “This is the two weeks where you guys really hate us, isn’t it?”  Struck me as funny, mostly because it used to be true, but not at all true now.  And that I wish everyone involved could see how hard those folks work for these two weeks.

Sarah always took pictures out there, which used to be a two week process.  So took place every night, or what felt like was every night, many of them with a child who was nursing, meaning I was scrambling all over town.  Then long nights for her, I just really didn’t like it very much.  Over time, though, got better, for lots of reasons.  Their process improves every year, they were able to improve how pictures worked every year, and then I probably got better at watching the kids too.   Regardless, the irony is that what I used to consider to be such a pain now is completely nothing and fun, precisely because what I used to consider to be such a pain is now normal.  Much credit continues to go to neighbors and grandmothers for their assistance, however.  I may be able to shuttle more easily, but I’m still not allowed to do makeup, buns, or low pony tails.

Otherwise, generally speaking, all is well.  Personally, I’m doing pretty well, while professionally I continue to be in a job better than I deserve.  I wish the professional was a little more to my liking at the moment, but it has a history of ebbing and flowing, so I’ll just hope that it squares up again soon.  I’ve been on a couple of dates recently (with the same person).  Which is odd, but good.  I’d tried dating a bit before, but as I believe I’ve said here, failed mostly because of my issues.  Combination of lots of things, but am mostly enjoying it now.  About three months ago, I typed “And when I think about dating, I end up with the firm conviction that I only want to go on dates with someone that I know well that I don’t know at all.  A convenient definition of a person that doesn’t exist.”  Not exactly, but is reasonably close to the person who shall go unnamed at the moment.

I’m headed to Dallas on Thursday, for a weekend of fun with a friend from Mizzou days.  One of more than a few friends I have now that I consider to be very close friends, which I really wasn’t all that tight with in college.  Weird, since Mizzou is the connection, but am happy for it.  (Obviously, I guess, or I wouldn’t travel all over the US to see these people.)  Just a weekend when I was able to go, plus timing of a PGA tournament there that I’ve always heard is a good time.  Then later realization that Buffett was playing on Saturday night (shut it music snobs), so I will return, but my liver may remain in Texas.  Wish it worked out where I could see more friends in Texas, since I seem to have many there now, but oh well.  Another trip when it’s hotter, I guess.

The CPAC dancers are reminded frequently to just keep dancing.  Hair falls out of the bun, shoe comes off, whatever, just keep dancing.  Insert witty/insightful comment about how I’m doing that too here.

p.s.  I’m moderately interested in Mizzou potentially going to Big 10.   I’m not interested in hourly updates on the alleged whispered conversations.  Someone text me when it’s over.

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May 17th, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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